Why PSVR games are very short

    Why PSVR games are very short

  • 1 The technology is still new

    The VR technology is considered a new technology and many of the headsets released by the different vendors are considered experimental. This could change as the technology is pushed further on.

  • 2 Developers don't want to take the risk

    Many developers don't want to take the risk of developing lengthily VR games before finding out whether the VR technology will succeed. See why some people think VR will fail.

  • 3 They are meant to be short

    According to Sony chief, Andrew House, PSVR games are meant to be short but enjoyable at least in the initial phase. He said that the games are going to be similar to theme park rides, rather than long 7-8 hour experiences.

  • 4 Many are mini-games

    Many of the PSVR games are actually mini-games that are meant to be played over and over for the great experience they provide. See how PSVR feels like.

  • 5 Overuse of VR might be dangerous

    Research is still ongoing to find out whether VR is harmful. Many experts suggest that it could be bad for the eyes and the brain but there is still not enough evidence to prove it. See why Virtual Reality causes motion sickness.

  • 6 Developers are in the discovery phase

    Many developers are still in the discovery phase to find out what works and what doesn't work on VR. After this phase ends, developers might go for full length games.

  • 7 Not all PSVR games are short

    Some PSVR VR games are not short. Some examples are Resident Evil 7, Rez and Rigs. Those games have full VR support and aren't short.