Why PlayStation VR went out of stock

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    Why PlayStation VR went out of stock

  • 1 More demand than supply

    The demand for the Playstation VR units have been higher than the supply. This resulted in a supply gap, as the produced units were sold out. See how playstation VR feels like.

  • 2 It was released near Christmas

    The fact the PSVR was released near the Christmas holiday resulted in motivating many people to buy it as a Christmas gift. This could have been one reason that resulted in a supply shortage.

  • 3 Sony released a small number

    Sony could have produced a small number of VR headsets to test the waters. Because VR is a new technology, Sony could have produced a limited number to get feedback before they produce more. See also the problems with PSVR.

  • 4 The launch bundle was sold out

    The VR Headset itself was more available than the launch bundle, which included the PlayStation camera and the two move controllers.

  • 5 It provided a great experience

    Many consumers praised the VR experience. This could have led to a higher demand as more people wanted to try the new headset. See also why some people think VR will fail.

  • 6 Less sales compared to PS4 sales

    The PlayStation 4 sales exceeded 50 million units in 2016, but the number of headsets released were much less. This could have resulted in the supply gap.

  • 7 Retailers don't keep a large stock

    Many retailers might not want to take the risk of keeping a large stock of a new device that is yet to find its customers. This could have led to the supply shortage that happened.