Why Putlocker stopped working

    Why Putlocker stopped working

  • 1 The site hosted copyrighted content

    Putlocker used to host copyrighted content such as copyrighted movies and TV series. After some copyright owners started a legal battle against Putlocker, the site was shut down.

  • 2 ISPs in UK blocked it

    After a high court order, which was brought by Motion Picture Association of America, major ISPs in the UK blocked the site.

  • 3 Its domain name was suspended

    Putlocker.ch lost its domain name after the site's domain name registrar EuroDNS suspended the name based on a court order from a Luxembourg court.

  • 4 Entertainment giants wanted it closed

    Since the site used to host a board range of copyrighted movies, many entertainment giants wanted to shut it down. The site owners couldn't win the legal battle, especially since they were hosting copyrighted material.

  • 5 Other countries blocked access to the site

    Some other countries might have decided to block access to the site after it lost its legal battle. This could have made the site unavailable in some areas around the world.

  • 6 The site changed its domain name

    After losing the legal battle, it was reported that the site was operating under a different domain name.