Why Resident Evil 6 is bad

    Why Resident Evil 6 is bad

  • 1 It's not resident evil anymore

    Resident Evil 6 doesn't feel like an old Resident Evil game. As most things about the game were changed, including the good things, many players ended up getting disappointed with it.

  • 2 It's no longer a survival horror

    The game style was changed greatly in such a way that the horror element was almost removed. The game didn't feel like a survival horror anymore. Most resident evil fans were looking for a good survival horror game.

  • 3 It turned into a shooter game

    Resident evil 6 became more of a third person shooter game than a survival horror game. Fans who were expecting a game that is similar to the good old ones good got disappointed. See why resident evil series is good.

  • 4 No sense of mystery

    The game has no sense of mystery unlike resident evil 1 or 2. The game mechanics depend more on shooting than anything else. This left no place for mystery.

  • 5 The checkpoint system

    Some fans complained about the checkpoint system which made the game less of a survival game as the player could restart from almost the place he died at. This made the game easier and less scary.

  • 6 Bad story

    Many players criticized resident evil 6 for having a bad story. Fans compared the game to resident evil 1,2 and 3 which had good stories.

  • 7 Bad controls

    Many players criticized the new controls and said that they were happier with the standard resident evil controls.

  • 8 The Camera angles

    Many players complained about the changing camera angles and how they sometimes prevent the player from seeing what's coming towards them.

  • 9 Bad Inventory system

    Players complained about the inventory system , the lack of the item box, the ability to carry too many weapons and the strange limit on the number of healing items.

  • 10 It looked unfamiliar

    One of the popular complains was that the good doesn't look familiar anymore and that it seems like a serious deviation from a game that was too good.

  • 11 Good elements weren't retained

    The good elements that made resident evil series a great series weren't retained at all in resident evil 6. New elements were introduced that replaced most of the good old elements.