Why Resident Evil 7 is different

    Why Resident Evil 7 is different

  • 1 It's a 1st person game

    Resident evil 7 is going to be the first part in the series that is based on a 1st person perspective. All of the previous resident evil games were in 3rd person. See why first person shooters are popular.

  • 2 It's not always about guns

    Unlike previous versions, Resident Evil 7 isn't going to be about using guns all the time. But instead, the player will have sometimes to engage in combat, to run or to use special items.

  • 3 The game is going to be very scary

    According to Masachika Kawata, the producer, the game has the goal of returning back to the roots. The game is going to be very scary. See why people like resident evil games.

  • 4 It's strictly a survival-horror

    According to Kawata, the game is going to be strictly survival-horror. Kawata said that the game was designed to fulfill the requests of customers who always wanted a game similar to the original ones.

  • 5 The story is different

    According to Kawata, even though the game is still connected to the Resident Evil universe, it's still going to have a different story in order to make the game more unpredictable and scarier.

  • 6 No iconic characters

    According to Kawata, moving away from the old iconic characters makes the game scarier, as players might feel safer when they control an iconic character. See why resident evil 6 was bad.

  • 7 The entire game supports VR

    According to Kawata, the entire game supports VR. This is going to make the game experience extremely different.

  • 8 Fewer but scarier enemies

    According to Kawata, the game will have fewer but scarier enemies that possess a lot of stress. The game was designed this way to become scarier.

  • 9 The game is going to be mysterious

    With many new elements and many questions left unanswered, the game is going to be mysterious, thus giving the same feeling people got when the played Resident Evil 1.