Why Resident Evil 7 is good

    Why Resident Evil 7 is good

  • 1 It is similar to Resident Evil 1

    After a series of games that moved away from mystery/horror, Resident Evil games were initially about Capcom going back to its roots and creating a very good mysterious horror game. See why people like Resident Evil games.

  • 2 It is very scary

    Resident Evil 7 is considered a very scary game. The game environment, the graphics, the plot, the sounds and ultimately the VR headset compatibility can make the game terrifying. See why Resident Evil 7 is very scary.

  • 3 It's a true survival horror game

    As Capcom went back to their origins, Resident Evil became a truly survival horror game. The scary enemies, the spooky mansion, the limited ammo and many other elements make the game a truly scary survival horror one.

  • 4 Familiar items from the past

    Capcom have done a good job of making the game seem new but familiar by adding many of the old items such as the Herbs, the Item box, The F-Aid spray and many other elements from the good old Resident Evil games.

  • 5 It is fully compatible with VR

    Resident Evil 7 is fully compatible with the PSVR headset. The whole game can be played in VR mode. This makes the game more real, scarier and more intense. See how the Playstation VR feels like.

  • 6 The combat system is well designed

    The combat System in Resident Evil 7 is well designed and is somehow similar to the combat system Capcom used in the old resident Evil games.

  • 7 The game is very mysterious

    Resident Evil 7 is a very mysterious game where important parts of the plot won't be released until later on in the game. The sense of mystery makes the game more exciting and scarier.

  • 8 The enemies are well designed

    The enemies in Resident evil 7 were well designed. The enemies are scary, aggressive and well designed.

  • 9 The graphics are well detailed

    The Graphics of Resident Evil 7 are very detailed. The careful attention Capcom paid to the details made the game seem both realistic and scary.

  • 10 Few but significant enemies

    The enemies in Resident Evil 7 are few but very significant. Unlike Resident Evil 6, this game is not about shooting a large number of enemies then moving to the next screen, but about anticipating the attack of few very dangerous enemies.

  • 11 The sounds are well designed

    The sound of Resident Evil 7 adds to the spooky atmosphere of the game and makes it even scarier. Capcom has paid good attention to details when it comes to the Graphics and the sounds of the game.