Why Resident Evil Zero is bad

    Why Resident Evil Zero is bad

  • 1 Not that mysterious

    Resident Evil 1 was a very mysterious game where the player didn't really know what to expect or what's going on until a late stage. Resident Evil Zero doesn't have that same sense of mystery that initially made the series likable.

  • 2 Unrelatable characters

    Some players didn't like Billy and Rebecca as much as they liked Chris and Jill. The fact that some people found those characters unrelatable made the game seem less interesting to them.

  • 3 Controlling 2 characters is annoying

    Some people found that the new mechanism of controlling two people is annoying and frustrating. The fact that some puzzles can only be solved as the player keeps shifting between characters made the game annoying to some people.

  • 4 Strange types of monsters

    What many people liked about Resident Evil 1 was the interesting types of monsters it had. Resident evil 0 deviated a lot by introducing many types of weird monsters.

  • 5 No item box

    Some players didn't like the fact that the item box concept was taken out from resident evil 0. This made the game harder and also made storing items more difficult.

  • 6 The inventory system

    Some people didn't like the fact that they constantly have to switch items between Billy and Rebecca. Those players found this act frustrating.

  • 7 Bad story line

    Unlike Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 0 didn't have that fascinating story, according to some players. The reactions of characters weren't real as they encountered zombies and enemies for the first time. This was the total opposite of what happened in Resident Evil 1.

  • 8 Death of your partner kills you

    Many players found the fact that they die when their partner dies very frustrating. In such a case, the player doesn't just have to take care of himself, but he also needs to watch out for his partner.

  • 9 The game is not scary

    Unlike Resident Evil 1 where many players felt scared and excited, Resident Evil 0 was found to be boring by some of the players who compared it to Resident Evil 1.

  • 10 Uninteresting villian

    The very early introduction of the villain removed a great part of mystery from the game. Also, some players didn't like the character of the villain.