Why smartphones don't have removable batteries

    Why smartphones don't have removable batteries

  • 1 To prevent tweaking

    Apple started the trend of non-removable batteries to prevent tweaking of its phones in order not to affect their quality. Shortly, other manufactures copied the move. See also why isn't Apple IOS open source.

  • 2 To make the phone slimmer

    Many manufacturers sacrifice certain options  such as the removal of the battery to create a slimmer phone.

  • 3 To utilize the space

    Manufacturers might choose not to make the battery removable in order to be able to fit parts in a certain order inside the phone and so use the space available in a better way.

  • 4 To have a better looking design

    The removable battery cover can make the design of a phone less attractive. Some manufacturers use non-removable batteries to achieve a better design.

  • 5 To protect internal parts

    Having a fixed battery will result in less tweaking of the phone and so can provide another layer of protection to the internal parts of the phone. See why do cellphones explode.

  • 6 Dust protection

    According to a Quora thread, protecting the phone from dust might be one reason why some manufacturers produce non-removable batteries. In case of a removable battery, dust might be allowed in as the battery is moved in and out.

  • 7 Battery performance became much better

    The performance of smartphone batteries became much better as smartphones evolved. This reduced the need for the replacement of a battery every now and then. 

  • 8 Less parts that can break

    When the phone has a non-removable battery, it will have less moving parts and so it will have less parts that can break. For example, the battery door can break in case of removable batteries.

  • 9 To make sure only the right battery is used

    Some manufacturers don't want incompatible batteries to be used with their phones, and as a result, they make their batteries non-removable.

  • 10 To use thin batteries

    Batteries can be thinner if they are non-removable since no extra shielding would be required to account for human handling. See why your smartphone isn't charging.

  • 11 For security purposes

    According to a Quora thread, a phone might not have a removable battery for security purposes. According to that thread, the phone can always remain open and so can be tracked down in case it is stolen.

  • 12 To increase battery life

    When the battery remains in its place without being moved or removed, it can have a longer life since it won't be prone to human damage.