Why Snapchat is better than Instagram

  • 1 It is more fun

    Snapchat has more features than Instagram such as filters, face swap and voice changing. Instagram is more about sharing pictures without the funny twist. See Why Snapchat filters aren't working

  • 2 It allows for more privacy

    Snapchat allows its users to personally select the people they want to share their stories with, while Instagram's stories are available to the public. See Why do people like Snapchat

  • 3 Its selfies are more flattering

    Teenagers and young adults nowadays are into the selfie trend and want to look their best when posting their pictures on social media apps. Snapchat's filters make selfies look more flattering than Instagram's regular color-changing filters. See Why women like Snapchat

  • 4 It has high-tech features

    Snapchat has high-tech features such as adding your location, temperature, speed and time, which is something Instagram doesn't have. 

  • 5 It has audio and video chat

    In addition to being more private and selective, Snapchat also has an audio and video chat option as opposed to Instagram. 

  • 6 It's mostly used by young people

    Snapchat's users are mostly millennials, which makes them consider the app free from adults and parents who are easily found on other social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook.

  • 7 It targets young age groups

    Campaigns that target the 14-30 age group are more likely to be successful on Snapchat than on Instagram since Snapchat's users are mainly teenagers and young adults. See Why teens like Snapchat

  • 8 It opens on the camera page

    Snapchat immediately opens on the camera shooting page, which allows for a quick snap if in a hurry, while on Instagram the user has to manually choose to take a picture. 

  • 9 It notifies users when a screenshot is taken

    One of Snapchat's perks is notifying users when someone takes a screenshot of their snap. Instagram only shows the people who viewed a story. 

  • 10 Snaps only last for a few seconds

    Snapchat allows users to set their snaps to a maximum of 10 seconds without the ability to pause, which provides users with a sense of security. Instagram, on the other hand, allows users to pause a story by pressing on the screen. 

  • 11 It doesn't show the number of followers

    Snapchat doesn't show other users the number of followers a person has, which lessens social pressure and the need to be recognized and considered popular that is often found on Instagram. 

  • 12 It has no like feature

    Snapchat doesn't come with a like/love feature such as that found on Instagram. This reduces the need to please followers and the constant waiting for a big number of likes. Some Instagram users say they sometimes delete a picture if it doesn't get likes within 15 minutes.