Why Some People Don't Believe In Climate Change

  • 1 They Haven't Noticed A Change In The Weather

    Some people claim climate change is not real because they haven't noticed a change in the weather where they're living.

  • 2 It's Getting Colder

    Some people believe there's no climate change because the weather where they live is actually getting colder.

  • 3 Not Enough Evidence

    There are people who don't believe in climate change because they claim there isn't enough scientific evidence to prove it.

  • 4 Conflicting Views

    The fact that climate change is a controversial topic and there are conflicting views about it makes some people skeptical about its existence.

  • 5 False Research Results And News

    Some people believe that the research results and news related to climate change are actually fake.

  • 6 They Believe God Is In Control

    Some people's reasoning behind their denial of the existence of climate change is that only god is control and can change things in nature not people.

  • 7 It's A Natural Cycle

    Some people believe that the changes happening in the atmosphere is just the natural cycle that happens every couple of hundred years.

  • 8 They're Going With The Crowd

    Some people are influenced by the beliefs of the people around them. In this case, if the people surrounding them believe climate change is not real, they are likely to hold the same belief.