Why Spongegar meme is popular

    Why Spongegar meme is popular

  • 1 His face was very expressive

    The face of Spongergar was so expressive. People used it to express anger, disgust, surprise, unhappiness and a wide array of emotions.

  • 2 It is funny

    One of the reasons Memes become popular fast is that they are funny. While people used Spongegar to express their emotions, they also had fun doing so.

  • 3 It it relatable

    The expression of Spongegar was found relatable to many people since it helped them express many of the emotions they sometimes felt like wanting to express.

  • 4 Spongebob is already famous

    The fact that Spongebob is already a famous character helped the meme gain popularity.

  • 5 It was novel

    While people know about Spongebob, the Spongegar meme looked novel. Novel objects catch human attention fast and can give a popularity push to things.

  • 6 Comparing two states

    Many people liked the fact that they could compare two states of emotions by using the original Spongebob and the new Spongegar in the same pictures. This made the memes even funnier.

  • 7 The face is emotionally provocative

    Emotionally provocative content usually gets more shares on the internet. Since the face of Spongegar was very provocative, in a funny way, the meme became popular.

  • 8 Yellow color gets easily noticed

    The human eye can recognize some colors faster than others. The yellow color of the Meme helped it become more popular. See why the Minions became popular.

  • 9 The face can be put on another body

    The fact that the Meme looks like a Face made it easier for people to put it on different bodies using photoshop. This resulted in a wider use of the Spongegar meme.