Why Steve Jobs was fired from Apple

  • 1 The board wasn't happy with Steve's attitude

    Apple's board at that time were not happy with Steve's attitude , his temper and the way he treats employees (See why Jobs used to fire people often).

  • 2 Jobs was treating the Mac team as a separate company

    Jobs was treating the Mac team as if they are the only good team in Apple while putting down some other teams. Jobs wanted the Mac team to be the best instead of focusing on the whole company.

  • 3 Apple's sales was falling and the board needed a soloution

    It's believed that the tension that was associated with the loss of market share resulted in voting Steve out of Apple (See how Jobs started Apple).

  • 4 Tensions rose between Steve and the board

    As The mac division kept posting bad numbers the board started to believe that Steve should step down from heading the Mac division and work on something else (see how Apple was started).

  • 5 Tensions between Jobs and Sculley

    John Sculley , who used to back Steve, started turning against him as tensions rose between them out of the many disagreements about Jobs performance at running the Mac division and his attitude. 

  • 6 The board voted Steve out

    The board voted Steve out and the one vote that made the difference was that of John Sculley.

  • 7 The Mac team constantly reported Steve to the board

    The Mac team constantly reported Steve's pushy attitude to the board as they couldn't take his demands or harsh treatments anymore.

  • 8 The board was afraid the company turns into loss

    Steve insisted that the price of the Mac gets lowered, to improve the sales, but the board disagreed as they believed this could take the company to loss so they empowered Sculley to remove him.

  • 9 Jobs tried to remove Sculley first

    According to Steve's biography by Walter Isaacson jobs tried to arrange for a coup to get rid of Sculley so the later finally decided to move forward with the decision and to let the board decide who should stay.