Why Teens don't like Facebook

    Why Teens don't like Facebook

  • 1 They think it's the social network of Grown-ups

    Many Teens think Facebook is the social network for Grown-ups and so they don't find Facebook as interesting as the other networks that includes their friends.

  • 2 They think Instagram is an alternative

    Many teens consider Instagram an alternative to Facebook. Even though Instagram has very little features compared to Facebook some of those teens still believe it's sufficient. See Why Instagram is popular.

  • 3 They use messenging Apps to communicate

    According to a research 45% of Facebook messenger users are above 37. Teens prefer to use other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat to communicate together. See why do people like Snapchat.

  • 4 They prefer apps oriented towards images and video

    Teens prefer to download messaging Apps that are more oriented towards videos and images. See why Vine is popular.

  • 5 They Don't trust it

    In a survey done by Frank N. Magid Associates only 9% described Facebook as Safe or trustworthy. These trust issues could have affected their usage. See why Facebook is losing its popularity.

  • 6 They don't think it's cool

    Many of the teens belonging to Generation Z don't think Facebook is cool. They believe it's not cool to hang around a social network where their parents are already there.

  • 7 They don't think it's fun

    Some teens don't think that Facebook is fun as much as Snapchat or Even Pinterest. Those teens prefer Apps that are more fun oriented. See why Pinterest is so popular.

  • 8 Facebook is too complex for new commers

    Facebook kept adding features that it became complex for new comers to understand. Teens prefer simple Apps that enable them to reach their goals fast such as Instagram.

  • 9 Generation Z are more narrcisitic

    It's believed that generation Z are more narcissistic than the previous generations. This could be one reason why they prefer Apps based on the Follower/Following model. See also why celebrities like Instagram.

  • 10 Teens can be fickle

    Teens can be fickle and might always be looking for the next big thing. As Facebook is an old social network it might have not appealed so much to those teens. See why Facebook is so negative.

  • 11 Kids under 13 can't register

    Facebook's policy , which is enforced by the government, prevents kids under 13 from joining the network. This motivated those kids to search for a different pace.

  • 12 Teens use Snapchat to evade their parents

    Teens use Apps such as Snapchat , which self destructs messages, because they don't want their parents to see what they are doing. See How Snapchat started.