Why Tekken 7 VR mode is bad

  • 1 It can make you sick

    Many people said that Tekken VR mode can cause sickness because of the fast character movement and the quick camera angle changes. See why VR causes sickness.

  • 2 It seems like an experiment

    The Tekken 7 VR mode looks more of an experiment by the developers to test things in VR than a feature to make gamers happy.

  • 3 Change in controls

    The VR mode turns the shoulder buttons into camera buttons. This change in control can result in many changes of the camera angles by mistake and so it can lead to sickness.

  • 4 It's a simple theater mode

    Tekken 7 VR is not about the game, but just a simple theater where you view the game in VR mode. The VR mode is a simple viewing mode that doesn't allow any interaction with the game in a different way.

  • 5 The game is overly simplified

    The VR mood has no health bars, no changing arenas, no fighting money, no music and is overly simplified. This makes the VR mode more of a boring addition than an exciting feature.

  • 6 It is not in 1st person

    Unlike normal VR games where you get the 1st person view, Tekken VR mode just gives you a 3rd person view of the game, which isn't really that impressive. See also how PSVR feels like.

  • 7 Fixed arena

    The Tekken 7 VR mode has only one arena that never changes. The game thus seems less interesting in the VR mode.

  • 8 It's only a practice mode

    Tekken VR mode is only a practice mode where you choose to practice against one opponent in the same arena. The rest of the game cannot be played in VR mode.

  • 9 It's pointless

    In the VR mode all you can do is keep beating the opponent in the AI until you get bored. With an infinite health bar, the VR mode is just a pointless practice mode.