Why Twitter suspended my account

  • 1 For spammy behavior

    Twitter may temporarily or permanently suspend your account if it notices spammy behavior coming from it. Spamming includes repeatedly following/unfollowing people in a short period of time and sharing links only with no personal updates, for example. 

  • 2 It's a fake account

    Once Twitter detects that an account is fake, it will suspend it. 

  • 3 It poses a risk

    Twitter suspends accounts that pose a risk to the platform in general or its users. 

  • 4 It's used for illegal reasons

    Twitter suspends accounts that are used for unlawful purposes or illegal content. 

  • 5 Promoting violence

    Twitter suspends or locks accounts that promote violence or engage in violent behavior such as directly or indirectly threatening someone or promoting terrorism. 

  • 6 Harassing others

    Twitter suspends accounts that are reported to be harassing others either directly or by promoting hate or encouraging other people to harass a specific person. Sending abusive or harassing messages can also result in account suspension. 

  • 7 Spreading hateful content

    Twitter suspends accounts that attack or spread hate on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, disease, disability, national origin or sexual orientation. 

  • 8 Creating multiple accounts

    If you create multiple accounts as a way of getting around the temporary or permanent suspension, Twitter will suspend these accounts as well. 

  • 9 Sharing private information

    Twitter will disable an account if it shares private information of other people without their clear consent and permission such as credit card numbers, addresses and national identity numbers. 

  • 10 Sharing intimate content of others

    Twitter will suspend an account if it shares intimate pictures or videos of others without their consent. 

  • 11 Impersonating others

    Twitter will suspend accounts that impersonate others with the purpose of manipulating, deceiving or confusing other people. 

  • 12 Expressing desire for self-harm

    Twitter may suspend an account that threatens suicide or self-harm in an attempt to help them or provide them with assistance. 

  • 13 Sharing malicious content

    Twitter will suspend accounts that share malicious content that is used to damage or disrupt other people's browser or computer. 

  • 14 Collecting fake interactions

    Twitter will disable an account that buys or purchases fake interactions such as buying or selling Retweers, followers or likes. 

  • 15 Being reported or blocked repeatedly

    Twitter may suspend your account if it has been reported or blocked repeatedly by a large number of users.