Why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is good

  • 1 Good jumping/fighting balance

    Unlike uUncharted 4 that had too much jumping compared to the actual action, The Lost Legacy is very well balanced when it comes to fighting vs jumping. See why Uncharted 4 is overrated.

  • 2 Great graphics and animation

    Since Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog has mastered graphics to a great extent. The game has pleasing graphics with many breathtaking scenes.

  • 3 Very realistic character movement

    The way characters move in The Lost Legacy is extremely realistic. The way the characters jump, roll on the floor and hide behind walls was perfected.

  • 4 Intense action

    The game is loaded with action and would appeal to Uncharted fans who love gunfights and action scenes.

  • 5 Getting to know Chloe and Nadine

    For an Uncharted fan, getting to know the background of the rest of characters can be very satisfying. The game brings people closer to Chloe's and Nadine's lives and helps them know them for real.

  • 6 First open world Uncharted game

    The Lost Legacy contains a large open world area where the game-play moves using a map while driving the jeep. This is the first time Naughty Dog introduces an open world area in an Uncharted game. 

  • 7 The same great mechanics

    The Lost Legacy retains all the great game mechanics of the Uncharted series without exception. It's thus a very interesting addition to the Uncharted series fans.

  • 8 Sam Drake is there

    For Uncharted fans, it would usually feel good to see one of the people they are familiar with in the game, which is Sam Drake. The appearance of Sam makes the game feel more connected to the Uncharted series.

  • 9 Good character development

    Just like all of the Uncharted series, the character development was done pretty well in The Lost Legacy. By the end of the game players will feel much more connected to Nadine, Chloe and Sam.

  • 10 A more polished Tomb Raider game

    Players might find themselves comparing the game to Tomb Raider because of the many similarities involved. The Lost Legacy feels like a much more polished version of Tomb Raider games.

  • 11 New weapons

    The Lost Legacy includes some new interesting weapons that weren't found in Uncharted 4. The new weapons make the gunfights more interesting.

  • 12 Interesting antagonist

    The main antagonist of the game, Asav, was very well designed. He is a very convincing sociopath who leads a army of rebels. His personality made the game more realistic.