Why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is bad

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  • 1 Most of the game is in the jungle

    Most of the game levels are in the jungle. The player keeps seeing the same scenes over and over. The game has too many forests, which makes it a little boring.

  • 2 No level variety

    Unlike all the Uncharted series, the game has almost no level variety. In all Uncharted games the players travel between one country and another. All the events take place in one area in The Lost Legacy.

  • 3 The game is short

    The game is very short compared to any of the other Uncharted games. It contains about 6 hours of game-play. The game can thus take a day or two to be finished.

  • 4 Only female characters

    For some guys it can be an unpleasant experience to control female characters. Sam Drake shows up in the game, but it only happens very late.

  • 5 No reference to Nathan

    Uncharted fans would have loved to hear about Nathan again or to know any of his news, but the game didn't mention any news about Nathan.

  • 6 More of the same

    The game has good game-play just like any of the other Uncharted games; however, it's still more of the same with very little new things added.

  • 7 Too much driving

    The Lost Legacy depends on the jeep in most parts of the game. For jeep driving fans, this might be interesting, but for those not really into the game's driving mechanics, they can get bored.

  • 8 Open combat areas

    Just like Uncharted 4, The Lost Legacy has the problem of having wide open combat areas that makes it very hard to master the gunfight. Unlike Uncharted 1,2 or 3, you will hardly get the feeling that you are a pro in gunfights. See why Uncharted 4 is overrated.

  • 9 Uninteresting boss fights

    The boss fights in The Lost Legacy are not as charming as they were in the other parts of the series. While the antagonist character was done well, the boss fights were disappointing.