Why VR is bad

    Why VR is bad

  • 1 It causes sickness

    Virtual reality headsets can cause sickness. Many users reported getting dizzy, nauseous and getting symptoms that are very close to that of motion sickness after using VR headsets.

  • 2 Might cause eye damage

    There is still not enough data about the effects of VR headsets but some people suggest that virtual reality headsets could result in permanent eye damage if they are used for too long.

  • 3 Might affect the brain

    Studies about how VR affects the brain are still in the early stages, but some people suggest that they could have a negative impact on some brain centers such as the ones responsible for determining a person's location.

  • 4 Not suitable for children

    Many VR headsets, such as the Samsung Gear, have a warning that says that the headset is not suitable for children until 12 or 13 years old. Some people concluded that this warning could mean that those headsets are dangerous for children.

  • 5 Damage to the lens could damage the eye

    If the VR headset is damaged, because of being left in the sun, for example, then the light rays might fall onto the eyes in a wrong way and so result in damaging the eyes. See how VR headsets work.

  • 6 Little content

    The content available for VR headsets is still very limited. A person might keep searching the internet for VR games and videos but only end up finding few ones.

  • 7 The headsets are uncomfortable

    Many people reported that the VR headsets are heavy and not comfortable. While the different headsets have different levels of comfort, most of them are still far from being perfectly comfortable.

  • 8 The headsets are expensive

    Many of the VR headsets, especially the high quality ones, are very expensive and not affordable to the average person. In addition, some of them require a PC with special hardware in order to work well. See why some people think VR will fail.

  • 9 You need big space

    In order not to get hurt while moving or playing, a person needs to have a big space so that he doesn't hit the furniture or hurt himself.

  • 10 Keeping the phone screen close to your eyes

    VR headsets keep phone screens inches away from the eyes. Many people suggest that this could have a harmful effect on the eye and the brain.

  • 11 Graphics still need improvement

    Many VR headsets don't support high resolution graphics. Some people reported getting disappointed after trying some of them.