Why websites fail

    Why websites fail

  • 1 Change in trends

    Many websites, such as Digg, lost a massive amount of traffic when social networks appeared on the scene. Changes in trends and the development of new services can affect existing websites strongly.

  • 2 Better services showing up

    Many websites fail after another website provides a similar service in a better way. The website Hi5 failed when Facebook provided people with a better and more private social network.

  • 3 Unrealistic expectations

    The unrealistic expectations people develop about the time required to make a site successful or the speed of that money can be made from the site can force the founders to lose hope and quit the project.

  • 4 Failure to make enough money

    Many websites are shut down when the founders fail to make enough money from them. This is usually a consequence of failing to get enough traffic. See also why Apps fail.

  • 5 The site looks spammy

    Sites that are cluttered with ads or that look spammy might turn away some users and so assist in the site's failure.

  • 6 Usability issues

    sites that have usability problems or that aren't mobile optimized are more likely to fail. Most people look for sites that are simple to use.

  • 7 Competition

    The internet has a very large number of websites. A website can fail to get enough attention because of the crowded market.

  • 8 Failure to differentiate

    If the website is not different enough that it stands out from competition easily then people can easily forget about it.

  • 9 Poor branding

    To succeed in a crowded market, a website has to have a solid branding strategy, as this helps more in the differentiation process. Without proper branding, a website can easily fail.

  • 10 Failure to get enough traffic

    Many sites fail as a result of not being able to get enough traffic.

  • 11 No added value

    In a crowded market, a person only sticks to the products that provide enough value. If the website is similar to many other websites or doesn't provide real value then people will abandon it.