Why Wimbledon dress code is white

    Why Wimbledon dress code is white

  • 1 It's been a rule since the 1800s

    Back in the 1800s, when tennis was played for leisure in social gatherings, it was a distasteful sight to see sweat spots on colored clothes, which is why tennis players started wearing white only. 

  • 2 It is inappropriate to see sweat spots on women's clothing

    Not only was seeing sweat spots considered a bad sight in the 1800s, but also seeing them on women's clothing was considered highly inappropriate; thus white was also worn by women to avoid this kind of embarrassment. 

  • 3 The All England Club followed the tradition

    The All England Club that hosts Wimbledon has adopted the tradition of all-white clothing since 1868. 

  • 4 It is against the rules to wear any other color

    Wimbledon has strict rules concerning the all-white dress code, including not wearing off-white or cream color, undergarments should also be white, and socks, caps, bandanas... etc. should be no other color but white. 

  • 5 Wimbledon cares more for aesthetics

    Wimbledon cares more for the tradition and the aesthetics of wearing white than comfort. It was reported that tennis player Pat Cash was forced to play without a bra in order to comply with the all-white rule. 

  • 6 Wimbledon doesn't tolerate any violation of the rule

    Wimbledon reprimands players who defy the rule and wear any other solid color. For instance, in 2013's tournament, Roger Federer was forced to change his shoes because their soles were orange. 

  • 7 Wimbledon refuses to let go of the tradition

    Wimbledon has been adamant about following the tradition even though the US Open allowed colored clothing in 1972.