Why Windows Phone failed

    Why Windows Phone failed

  • 1 Microsoft underestimated the iPhone

    Microsoft underestimated the iPhone , unlike Google who took serious actions, and so didn't make the necessary changes for their phone to become competitive after the market was redefined. See why some people love iPhones.

  • 2 There was nothing special about windows phone

    People had strong reasons to buy both Android phones and iphones but there was no compelling reason to own a windows phone. See why Microsoft acquisition for Nokia failed.

  • 3 Windows Phone didn't have many Apps

    Some of the important Apps people wanted to use such as Snapchat and many others weren't available on windows phone. See why people like Snapchat.

  • 4 Lack of full focus

    On a Quora thread it was suggested that Microsoft had a hard time competing with Apple because windows phone was among the many things the company does while Apple was laser focused on very few products.

  • 5 Competitors are backed by large communities

    Android is backed by a wide open source community while the iPhone is backed by so many hardcore fans. The windows Phone didn't have a strong enough community to convince developers to develop Apps for it.

  • 6 Microsoft had a desktop mindset

    Microsoft had designed the windows phone to make many of its desktop Apps , such as excel, work perfectly on it forgetting that the majority of smart phone users have very different needs than desktop users. See why Microsoft bought Nokia.

  • 7 The phone was supporting a shrinking market

    The windows phone had the goal of supporting the windows operating system which showed signs of slowing down.

  • 8 The Windows brand is weak in the smartphone market

    The windows Brand wasn't strong enough to compete with other Brands such as Android and IOS in the smartphone market. See the importance of branding.

  • 9 Naming conventions were puzzling

    Microsoft Lumia had bad naming conventions that confused the consumers. Phones were called 640, 930 and 535. Such number prevented Consumers from knowing what each phone does easily. See also why Gopro got popular.

  • 10 Microsoft failed to make enough profits

    As Microsoft failed to make enough profits or to gain big market share through its Nokia acquisition it had to write down the amount and change its strategy.