Why Wolverine is so popular

  • 1 He's portayed by Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman is an attractive person and he is a symbol of manliness for a lot of men.

  • 2 People relate to him

    Wolverine stands in a fine line between superheroes with amazing powers and normal people. He is a mutant, which makes him more relatable than other superheroes.

  • 3 He is badass

    Wolverine is badass, portraying a lot of qualities in men that a lot of men would want to have. When men see Logan, they identify with him and thus feel better about themselves.

  • 4 He has ineradicable strength

    Wolverine has an incurable level of strength. People like similar superheroes because of their psychological desire to be powerful and strong. See why do we like superheroes.

  • 5 He's masculine

    Wolverine is very masculine with thick sideburns that add to his look. Wolverine symbolizes masculinity at its finest and thus appeals to men who want to be strong and masculine.

  • 6 He has healing powers

    One of the biggest attributes to Wolverine is his healing factor, which makes him one of the most difficult superheroes to kill.

  • 7 He has a dark background

    Wolverine has a very dark background whether in the movies or in the comics. He is a tragic hero, which makes him very appealing to the audience.

  • 8 He has an animalistic side

    Wolverine has a very animalistic side that he shows when he is in danger.

  • 9 He went through a lot of pain

    Physical pain is one of the things that Wolverine can withstand; however, he doesn't do so because he can't feel but because he wants to go through it.

  • 10 He goes into rage-mode

    Wolverine has something called Rage-Mode, which he goes into when he is vengeful. This is portrayed in Logan and X2.

  • 11 He has metal claws

    Wolverine has adamentium claws that come out of his fists. They are iconic in the comic universe.

  • 12 He has a brutal side

    Wolverine has a very brutal side; chopping off limbs and heads with ease. The gore is one of the best things about the character, according to many fans.

  • 13 People relate to him

    Wolverine, in the comics, is a 5'6' man with hairy arms and chest. That makes him relatable to the audience.

  • 14 He's the Marvel Batman

    Wolverine was designed after Batman, except that he was made as a mutant. Batman is one of the msot popular superheroes because he is human and has a dark side, which is similar to Wolverine.

  • 15 He doesn't wear a costume

    One more thing that makes people relate to Wolverine is the fact that he doesn't wear a costume. Unlike other superheroes, the lack of costume makes him easier to relate to.