Why Yahoo Answers is bad

    Why Yahoo Answers is bad

  • 1 Best answers are sometimes incorrectly chosen

    Because best answers are chosen by one person they sometimes get chosen incorrectly. This can give people misleading information in some cases.

  • 2 There are lots of Trolls and bullies

    It's not unusual on Yahoo answers to find a troll or a bully making fun of someone or making a Racist remark.

  • 3 Answers are not comprehensive

    The fact that a question can be closed after sometime makes the answers of some questions not comprehensive, See why Quora is better than Yahoo answers.

  • 4 Partial anonymity reduces the quality of answers

    The partial anonymity of users , who register by any name and email, can sometimes prevent people from writing good answers as they don't care about their reputation much. 

  • 5 The interface is cluttered

    The Yahoo answers interface is cluttered and can sometimes be distracting.

  • 6 Poor Quality questions

    In many occasions questions that are considered of a lower quality can be found on Yahoo answers. 

  • 7 Wrong answers get upvotes

    It's not uncommon to see a sarcastic comment getting so many up-votes in one question. Because the Community has a lot of bullies this problem shows often.

  • 8 Quora attracted many intellectuals

    Some people believe that Quora attracted many of the intellectuals leaving less educated people on Yahoo answers, See how Quora started.

  • 9 No revisions

    Because wrong answers don't get revised they usually remain on Yahoo answers unlike Wikipedia where pages are usually checked more than once, See why Wikipedia is reliable.

  • 10 Shallow questions attract shallow answers

    According to an argument by some Quora users: The shallow questions on Yahoo answers attract people who later on post shallow answers to Yahoo answers.

  • 11 Has no real community

    Unlike Quora and Wikipedia Yahoo answers have no real community. Instead the site has many registered users who don't have some of the properties of a real community.