Why YouTube is better than TV

    Why YouTube is better than TV

  • 1 Fewer ads

    TV programs are usually full of long and annoying ads. While YouTube has ads as well, they are shorter and many of them can be skipped.

  • 2 Wider variety of choices

    There is a wider variety of choices on YouTube compared to TV. A person can easily choose from among the millions of videos on YouTube.

  • 3 You can watch anytime

    With YouTube, a person doesn't have to wait for a specific time to watch a certain program, for they can play the program they want anytime. With TV, however, a person might have to wait for a specific show. See why YouTube is so popular.

  • 4 YouTube is more accessible

    Youtube can be assessed from any device that has internet access including smartphones. A person can thus watch Youtube anywhere.

  • 5 YouTube is free

    YouTube is totally free to use. There are no usage or subscription fees. As for TV, the person might have to subscribe for a certain channel and pay money.

  • 6 Many TV programs are uploaded on YouTube

    Many TV programs are uploaded on YouTube by users. This makes it possible for YouTube users to watch some of the TV programs on YouTube. See why Google bought YouTube.

  • 7 Ads can be more effective

    Some advertisers find better results with YouTube ads. In addition, advertisers who have a small budget can still advertise on YouTube, whereas they need a very large sum of money to advertise on TV.

  • 8 It supports all resolutions

    YouTube can support all resolutions and the only limit is the speed of the connection you are using. As for TV, the resolution supported depends on the TV type and the channel itself.

  • 9 It has programs that are not on TV

    Because YouTube is open for anyone to upload content, it has lots of content that can never be seen on TV.

  • 10 It's more relatable

    According to a study, millennials found YouTube to be more entertaining and relatable than TV.

  • 11 You can share what you watch

    With YouTube a person can share an interesting program with a friend by just sending the link. When it comes to normal TV, the person has to be near the TV to watch the same show their friends are watching. See why YouTube is banned in some countries.