Why Youtubers ask for likes

    Why Youtubers ask for likes

  • 1 To increase the video's reach

    It's believed that engagements of all kinds can help the video get a better rank on Youtube and so can lead to more views for the video. Likes might thus increase the popularity of the video.

  • 2 To encourage more people to watch

    Human's get affected by the opinions of others. If a video has so many dislikes then a person might not get motivated to watch it, and the opposite is also true.

  • 3 To balance the likes/dislikes

    Almost all Youtube videos get some dislikes. When a video gets more likes than dislikes, it seems worth watching to people. Youtubers could thus be looking for likes to balance the likes/dislikes ratio. See why is Youtube popular.

  • 4 To feel good about their video

    Youtubers feel good when people like their videos. The likes represent a psychological reward that makes those Youtubers feel good about their work and about themselves.

  • 5 Liked videos show up on people's profiles

    When a person likes a video, the video that they liked will show up on their profiles. This will make it easier for others to find that video and so the video will get more views.

  • 6 To make more money

    Since liked videos are more likely to be seen by others, Youtubers can make more money when their videos get more likes.

  • 7 So that the video gets recommended to others

    Some people believe that more likes can let the video get recommended to more people. Based on this theory, more likes can lead to more views. 

  • 8 To reach important milestones

    Some Youtubers ask for likes because they want to reach important milestones such as 100 or 1000 likes. Those milestones make their videos seem more attractive to others. See why Youtube is better than TV.