Why am I always thirsty

  • 1 Your body is dehydrated

    Your body may be dehydrated as a result of exercise, diarrhea, vomiting or too much sweating. This can result in the constant feeling of thirst. See also Why am I always tired

  • 2 A symptom of diabetes

    Always feeling thirsty may be a symptom of diabetes, as diabetes causes the person to urinate more often and leave the body wanting more water. 

  • 3 It could be diabetes insipidus

    This condition is not related to diabetes despite having the same name. The condition causes the person to feel extra thirsty and urinate a lot. 

  • 4 It could be dry mouth

    The constant feeling of thirst may be due to having a dry mouth, which means your mouth isn't making enough saliva. This could be due to certain medications and use of tobacco among other causes.  

  • 5 It could be due to anemia

    If a person suffers from severe anemia, they might experience a constant craving for water. However, mild anemia doesn't usually result in feeling of thirst. See also Why do I sleep to much

  • 6 Due to certain foods

    Some foods can cause thirst, especially salty or spicy foods. If you constantly eat food high in salt or spices, you may feel thirsty more frequently.

  • 7 Due to pregnancy

    Some women experience a constant feeling of thirst and the urge to urinate often due to pregnancy. 

  • 8 Due to certain medications

    Some medications have a side effect of being thirsty frequently. 

  • 9 Due to an autoimmune disease

    The autoimmune disease, Sjogren’s syndrome, can result in being thirsty frequently, as it drys the mouth.