Why am I so indecisive

    Why am I so indecisive

  • 1 You are afraid of failure

    Some people find making decisions so hard because they don't want to experience failure. 

  • 2 You are afraid of what success might bring

    Just as some people are afraid of failure, other people are afraid of success and its consequences that may result from making a certain decision. 

  • 3 You are worried what people will think of you

    Some people don't like making decisions because they are worried what the people around them will think or say about them. This could make the process of making a decision extremely hard. 

  • 4 You are a perfectionist

    Some people are indecisive and unable to make decisions because they are perfectionist, which means they have to be sure that everything is perfect before proceeding with the decision. 

  • 5 You are not used to making decisions

    In some cases, people may be indecisive because they weren't given the opportunity to make decisions in their lives for themselves. 

  • 6 You are an overthinker

    Some people are unable to make decisions because they are overthinkers, which prolongs the process and prevents them from arriving at a satisfying decision. 

  • 7 You made the wrong decision before

    If you made a wrong decision before that affected your life in a negative way, you may become indecisive as a result and find it hard to make any more important decisions. 

  • 8 You are under pressure

    Being pressured by someone to make a decision can result in indecisiveness, as you're unable to think matters through due to the external pressure. 

  • 9 Lack of self-confidence

    Lacking self-confidence can prevent you from making decisions, as it results in self-doubt and not being sure if you're doing the right thing. 

  • 10 You have other things on your mind

    If a person has too many things on their mind, they might be unable to make a decision regarding a specific situation, as they are unable to focus on one thing. 

  • 11 You are unsure of the consequences

    A person might be indecisive if they are unsure of the possible consequences that will result from the decision. Being unable to think of possible scenarios can make the decision-making process hard. 

  • 12 You don't like having too much power

    When the decision you're required to take is a serious one, you might become indecisive if you don't feel comfortable having that kind of power or control over something.

  • 13 You do not have enough information

    When you do not have enough information about something, you might find it very hard to take a decision. Make sure you collect all the needed information before you try to make a decision.

  • 14 You had authoritarian parents

    Authoritarian parenting, the very strict parenting style that doesn't involve democracy, might badly affect a person's decision making abilities. If you were raised by an authoritarian parent, you might have developed some lack of comfort towards making decisions.