Why are Harambe memes popular

    Why are Harambe memes popular

  • 1 The killing of Harambe was controversial

    Harambe the Gorilla was killed by Zoo keepers when a 3-year-old child fell into its exhibit. The event was very controversial and as a result it got a lot of online attention. See why controversy makes things popular.

  • 2 Memories of Harambe

    Some Memes started out as memories of Harambe then ended up being funny Memes that circulated on the internet. 

  • 3 Defending points of view

    People started to create Memes of Harambe to share their point of view in a funny way in order not to address the issue directly. See why memes are so popular.

  • 4 To accuse the killing

    Some people shared jokes and memes about Harambe to express their unhappiness with the killing of the Gorilla in an indirect way. See why do people share jokes online.

  • 5 To make fun of others

    Some people shared the meme to make fun of those who are too concerned about the death of the Gorilla. Those people used memes to express their opinions in a way that seems like a joke.

  • 6 The memes are funny

    Some of the Harambe memes are considered funny and were shared by people who don't care about the matter or people who didn't know about the story of Harambe.

  • 7 Accusation of racism

    Some people shared Harambe's meme to indirectly accuse those who reacted hysterically to the event of racism as they ignored the death of some black people that almost took place in the same time.

  • 8 Used as a political argument

    Some people used the incident to support their own political views by claiming that the Gorilla was killed because of liberals.