Why are Mad Max movies so popular among men?

    Why are Mad Max movies so popular among men?

  • 1 The idea of survival in a dangerous world is very thrilling

    Mad Max is all about survival in an extremely dangerous and usual world. The idea of running for one's life is very thrilling.

  • 2 They offer an extended adrenaline rush

    The Mad Max movie (2015) is thrilling from the first second till its end. The movie results in an exciting adrenaline rush that never seems to end.

  • 3 Men love cars and motorcycles

    It is no secret that men love cars and motorcycles, the modern replacement of horses. Most men are unconsciously attracted to movies featuring vehicles. Mad Max movies are filled with all sorts of cars and motorcycles.

  • 4 They mix familiarity with curiosity

    The events in Mad Max happen on Earth but in a future time. People are always curious as to what the future will be like, so movies that show a different scenario for the future of Earth excite them. (See also why novel and bizarre things catch our attention)

  • 5 The world of Mad Max is dangerous

    The world of Mad Max is a world of danger. People can't tell if they'll live to see the next sunrise. This evokes the 'warrior' spirit in men and increases their sense of excitement for the movie.

  • 6 They have high speed vehicle chases

    Men are hard wired to be competitive. The exciting, high speed vehicle chases found in Mad Max movies are one of the things that allow them to satisfy that need.

  • 7 They have unusual do-it-yourself (DIY) vehicles

    Vehicle owners like to fine-tune and upgrade their cars. The more horsepower, the cooler paint-job or rims, the better. Every car in Mad Max is unique and tweaked to perform better than its salon version.

  • 8 Mad Max is a 'lone wolf'

    Mad Max is a brave man who is not afraid of death. People unconsciously identity with the hero of a movie and feel like they become one with him.

  • 9 Mad Max is the anti-hero

    It is not clear if Max is a good or bad guy. It is unclear what his moral values are and how far is he willing to go to achieve something. This is much more similar to everyday life than a fantasy story about a good hero and an evil villain.

  • 10 He has a dog

    Max's faithful dog follows him around, helping him and making the post-apocalyptic life less bleak. The presence of a dog intensifies the emotional connection between dog lovers and the hero. (See also What are the personality differences between dog and cat owners)

  • 11 They simulate a nuclear holocaust aftermath

    The threat of the nuclear world war is present in everyday life. The world of Mad Max went through a nuclear world war which opened many possibilities for resolution-mutants, crazed gangs, new Eden and back to the caves. We are interested to see what could probably happen in a real scenario.

  • 12 Movies have real stunts

    All the stunts performed in the movie are real stunts, no CGI. This is something unheard of in today's movie scenes. Men are athletic daredevils by nature, anything that might remind them of that interests them.

  • 13 They offer extreme novelity

    People easily get bored of routine and they get attracted to whatever is novel and bizzare. Almost everything in the Mad Max movie is novel with nothing comparable to it.