Why are Youtube subscribers important

  • 1 They tell how popular a channel is

    The number of subscribers is a unique metric that tells people how popular a channel is. While views can tell whether a channel is popular or not, the number of subscribers is still the number one recognized metric for Youtube popularity.

  • 2 Subscribers lead to more views

    When a channel collects a large number of subscribers, its new videos are seen by those subscribers, and so it's chance of producing more popular videos will become higher. See also why Youtubers ask for likes.

  • 3 To retain people who care

    If someone likes a certain channel then the only way to retain that person and to bring them back is to let them subscribe or else the person might not come back again.

  • 4 To get the channel verified

    Once a channel exceeds 100,000 subscribers, the owner of the channel can send Youtube a request to get their channel verified. This can add credibility to the channel.

  • 5 To gain an authority badge

    When a channel gets more than 250,000 subscribers, it gets an authority badge. The authority badge can make the channel look more authentic. See why is Youtube so popular.

  • 6 To increase the worth of the channel

    The worth of a Youtube channel can be increased by increasing the number of subscribers. If a channel was to be sold then the number of subscribers will be an important factor when determining its value.

  • 7 To make more money

    Channels with more subscribers are more likely to make more money from videos since the viewership for the new videos is more likely to be high.

  • 8 To ensure continuity

    The number of subscribers is the most important metric in determining the continuity of the channel. The more subscribers the channel has, the more likely it is to survive.

  • 9 To boost the ego

    Many Youtubers get an ego boost when they get more subscribers. The more subscribers a channel gets, the more the ego of some Youtubers gets boosted.