Why are some infographics bad

    Why are some infographics bad

  • 1 They don't make your brain happy

    Contrary to common beliefs, most infographics bombard the brain with too much data in a short period of time. This makes the brain tire easily (See also why people have short attention spans).

  • 2 Some parts are usually written with small font

    The smaller the font the more effort the brain needs to read it. Because people want to cram as much information as they possibly can inside an infographic, they sometimes make the font too small.

  • 3 They are anything but simple

    The brain loves simplicity. The simpler a thing is, the less cognitive load it puts on the brain and the better a person will feel while using it. Infographics are usually complex with lots of curves, diagrams and cluttered information (See Why simplicity makes a product successful).

  • 4 The brain can't memorize all those numbers

    Infographics are usually full of numbers. The brain will hardly be able to recall all of those numbers and instead of learning something, most of the infographic will be forgotten fast.

  • 5 They look so serious

    In order for information to pass easily into the mind, it needs to be presented through a friendly medium. Infographics look too serious and might unconsciously remind viewers of study materials. This can cause a lot of unpleasant feelings.

  • 6 They are not pictures

    Pictures are much easier for the brain to process than text, but most infographics aren't considered pictures. Yes, they contain pictures but they also contain a lot of text and numbers.

  • 7 Very distracting

    So many infographics are very distracting because the information is organized in very tight spacing. It's hard to focus on a certain section without your eye looking at another.

  • 8 Numbers can be confusing

    When your brain sees too many numbers it can get confused easily and mix the numbers while storing them in your memory.

  • 9 Some infographics are really good

    The ones that are designed for the mind while avoiding all the previous mistakes can be really good.