Why are man buns attractive

    Why are man buns attractive

  • 1 It signals high testosterone levels

    Along with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, a symmetrical face and a square face, a man bun signals high levels of testosterone, which some women find attractive. See How can a man tell if he has high testosterone

  • 2 It is uncommon

    People, especially women, find man buns attractive because it's not very common to find a guy with long hair and a bun. See Why novel and bizarre things catch our attention

  • 3 Some women like hairy men

    Some women are attracted to hairy men, especially men with long hair, which is why they find man buns sexy. See What do women find attractive in men

  • 4 Some people like long hair

    Some people find long hair on men extremely attractive, especially since many celebrities sometimes have long hair.

  • 5 Celebrities are doing it

    Many people find man buns attractive because many celebrities do it such as Jared Leto, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper. 

  • 6 It signals non-conformity

    Since it's not very common for men to have buns, those who have them send a message that they don't conform to social norms, which some people find attractive. 

  • 7 It signals health

    Man buns indicate healthiness and youth since a head full of hair means the man is staying healthy. 

  • 8 It shows they care about their looks

    Some women find men who take care of their looks and hair attractive. 

  • 9 It makes them look rough

    Some women think man buns are a sign of ruggedness and roughness, which they find attractive. 

  • 10 It defines the face

    Pulling the hair back in a bun makes the face look more defined and attractive. 

  • 11 It shows they are trendy

    Some women like trendy men who follow the latest fashionable hairstyles, which makes them like men with buns. 

  • 12 It shows they are confident

    Some people think of men with buns as confident, secure and manly, as they don't have a problem sporting a style that is generally worn by girls. 

  • 13 It makes them stand out

    Man buns are believed to be attractive as they make the man stand out in a crowd and have all eyes on him.