Why are many people excited for Suicide Squad?

    Why are many people excited for Suicide Squad?

  • 1 Jared Leto's Joker

    After Jack Nicholson's Joker, people didn't feel like Heath Ledger could get the job done. Even after the award winning performance, some die hard fans only believe in Mark Hamill as the Joker. Jared Leto presents a mixture of Ledger and Hamill, according to reports, and people want to see that.

  • 2 People want to see Harley Quinn

    Almost everyone wants to see Harley Quinn who is one of the most iconic DC Universe villains. It has been years since people have anticipated seeing Harley Quinn on the big screen, especially after the success of the Dark Knight. It's finally time that they get a chance to see her.

  • 3 Will Smith as Deadshot

    Will Smith has been a major box office draw for years, and movie-goers have wanted to see him in a comic book movie since Hancock. This time, he presents the main character in the movie as Deadshot and it has stirred a lot of hype.

  • 4 A comic book movie that isn't about the heroes

    After years of Marvel Cinematic Universe and the much anticipated DC Extended Universe, a lot of people realized with the announcement of Suicide Squad that it's one movie they have been wanting to see for a long while.

  • 5 The sense of humor

    The DC Extended Universe presents a superhero universe that is dark and grim. This isn't the case with Suicide Squad, especially with the most iconic supervillain around. Suicide Squad is said to have a lot of humor in it.

  • 6 Batman shows up

    Batman has been one of the most iconic superheroes for decades, and no matter who is cast as Batman, people go to see the movie. Some people don't know much about the Suicide Squad but they do know Batman and that's enough for them to see the movie.

  • 7 The cast

    One of the things that critics kept saying after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is that Suicide Squad has better chemistry between the actors. It shows in social network pictures and in the trailers.