Why are my emails going to spam

  • 1 Bad server reputation

    Your sending server has a certain reputation. If your server's reputation is bad then your emails can get easily filtered by receivers and considered junk. 

  • 2 You sent spam mails before

    If you sent many emails that were considered spam by some servers then your server/domain could have been labelled spam. In such a case, your future messages are very likely to reach the junk mail. 

  • 3 You put many external links

    External links can make an email seem like a Spam Email. If you send emails with many external links or if your signature has many links then your email might be considered spam by some providers.

  • 4 You are sending to a large group of people

    When you send the same email to a large group of people at once, you make your email seem more like spam. If you have to do that then make sure that your email doesn't include other spam elements.

  • 5 You use excessive capitalization

    Excessive capitalization is one of the things spammers always do and it's one of the factors that can increase the spam score of your email.

  • 6 Your message has little text

    Don't send a message that has a large image and little text. Make sure that your message has more text than pictures.

  • 7 Your message has big attachments

    Big attachments can easily make an email seem like spam mail. Avoid attaching big files to emails whenever possible.

  • 8 Your emails were labelled as spam

    If many receivers labelled your email as spam then your server/domain will be considered a spam sender.

  • 9 Your server IP is flagged

    If you sent many emails that looked like spam from a certain server then the server IP might get flagged for spam by some providers. In such a case, you need to white-list your server by contacting the flagging entity.

  • 10 The content of your email looks spammy

    If the content of your message seems like spam then email providers might filter your email. Use a tool that can help you calculate the spam score of a message before you send it.

  • 11 Your emails are not engaging

    Emails with very low open rates can be considered spam. Make sure you send messages that are engaging enough.

  • 12 Your “From” information is inaccurate

    Make sure that your From and reply-to information is not misleading. If you made the email seem like it's coming from someone else then it might be labelled as spam.

  • 13 You used spam keywords

    While each provider filters emails differently, some words might still be considered spam by most such as 'Great offer', 'click here' ,'Order now'...etc.

  • 14 You didn't include a text version

    If you are sending HTML emails then make sure you include a text version to improve the readability of your email.

  • 15 You used excessive punctuation

    Excessive punctuation can result in marking your email as spam. Avoid using too many question marks or excessive punctuation.