Why is Omega 3 good for your health?

    Why is Omega 3 good for your health?

  • 1 Omega 3 reduces cancer mortality

    Epidemiologists at the American Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center published the results of their study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, which stated that omega 3 fatty acids reduce the mortality risk of cancer by 25%. The researchers used data from 70,495 Americans in a 4 year period .

  • 2 Omega 3 and exercise make more clever

    The brain absorbs new information better if omega 3 is a regular part of the diet. And this ability is increased with daily exercise, according to an animal study that psychologists at the University of California at Los Angeles published in Neuroscience in 2008 .

  • 3 Omega 3 and exercise protect the brain against knocks

    Large amounts of Omega 3 makes the brain more resilient to knocks, bumps or falls. And that effect is enhanced by exercise, according to an animal study that physiologists at the University of California at Los Angeles published in Neuroscience in 2013 .

  • 4 Omega 3 can help bad acne

    Capsules containing Omega 3 rich fish oil may be effective against serious forms of acne. A small human study that nutritionists at California State Polytechnic University published in Lipids in Health and Disease in 2012 has prompted this conclusion (also see Why do we get acne).

  • 5 Omega 3 and exercise increase insulin sensitivity

    A diet that is rich in Omega 3 only protects against diabetes if the patient also exercises. This study was done at the University of Pittsburgh in the US .

  • 6 Omega 3 protects heart against stress

    People who eat fish a couple of times a week have fewer heart attacks than people who never eat fish. This study was done at the Japanese National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry in Kodaira. Eating fish, which contains omega 3 fatty acids, protects the heart muscle from the effects of stress .

  • 7 Omega 3 stimulates muscle building

    Athletes can build muscle mass with fish oil. The anabolic effect of omega-3 fatty acids has been confirmed, and a study done at the University of Aberdeen proved that those with the highest EPA are the most anabolic .

  • 8 Omega 3 helps fight cancer cells

    Intensive training reduces the activity of immune cells that destroy pathogens and cancer cells. Athletes are more likely to fall prey to viruses after a heavy workout or training session. Omega 3 supplements offer protection, researchers at the University of Aberdeen discovered this in 2012.

  • 9 Omega 3 reduces mental stress

    Omega 3 reduces exam stress. In 2003, nutritionists at the University of Lausanne published the results of an experiment in which a three-week course of Omega 3 kept the stress hormone levels low for the subjects exposed to mental stress.

  • 10 Omega 3 keep prostate cancer under control

    A high intake of Omega 3 cannot prevent men from getting prostate cancer. But it can halve the chance of dying from the disease. This is confirmed in the results of a big epidemiological study at Harvard, which was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .

  • 11 Omega 3 prevents psychoses

    Young people can protect their mental health by taking omega-3. This study was done in a Viennese psychiatric clinic and the preventive effect is about the same as that of anti-psychotic drugs. The researchers gave daily fish oil capsules containing 1400 mg omega-3 to the test subjects .

  • 12 Omega 3 protects against sunburns

    The more Omega 3 in your diet, the less quickly you are likely to get sunburn. Omega 3 probably therefore reduces the chance of skin cancer and may also slow down the speed at which your skin ages. British dermatologists wrote about this in Carcinogenesis in 2003 .

  • 13 Omega 3 lengthens life

    Mice with unhealthy genes were given Omega 3 and they lived noticeably longer. Immunologists at the University of Texas reported this in the Journal of Nutrition in 2001. A research was also done which suggests that the DNA of people with high amounts of omega-3 in their blood age less quickly .

  • 14 Omega 3 cuts chance of allergic sensitization and allergic rhinitis in half

    Taking Omega 3 may help get rid of hay fever. A study was done at the Technical University of Munich, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005. The conclusion was that a high content of Omega 3 in a diet decreases the risk of allergic sensitization and allergic rhinitis .

  • 15 Omega 3 reduces fat around waist

    Women were given 3g of fish oil daily in capsule form and the fat around their middle shrank. Researchers at Inserm in France in 2007 discovered how the supplement reduced the activity of inflammatory genes in women's fat cells, which was the cause of the health effects that were observed .

  • 16 Omega 3 is anti-estrogenic

    High doses of Omega 3 help protect the body from the impact of the female sex hormone estradiol. This is suggested by research done at the National Taiwan University in 2009. The experiment showed that Omega 3 encourages cells to break down estradiol receptors .

  • 17 Omega 3 is a potent anti-inflammatory

    A study was done comparing ibuprofen and omega-3 demonstrating equivalent effect in reducing arthritic pain. The study was done at the Department of Neurological Surgery, University of Pittsburgh in 2006 .

  • 18 Natural sources of Omega 3

    Herring, sardines, Mackerel, Salmon, Halibut, Tuna, Flaxseed, Hempseed, Butternuts, walnuts, Pecan nuts, Hazel nuts .