Why are people afraid of cats

  • 1 They are afraid of stray cats

    Some people are only afraid of stray cats that are found roaming the streets, but they're not afraid of cats kept as pets. See Why do people like cats so much

  • 2 They are unclean

    Some people don't like cats, especially the ones in the street, because they might be unclean and have diseases. 

  • 3 They are sneaky

    Some people are easily frightened by cats' sneaky behavior, as they don't make a lot of noise and can move around without being noticed.

  • 4 They are allergic to cats

    Some people fear cats because they're allergic and don't want to get an allergic reaction, and so they prefer to stay away from them.

  • 5 They are predators

    Some people fear cats because they are predators that feed on mice or birds, which is a sight they wouldn't want to see.

  • 6 They're afraid of getting attacked

    Some people are afraid cats might attack or hurt them, and they prefer to stay away from them. 

  • 7 Due to a previous bad experience

    Some people might develop a fear of cats if they were subjected to a bad experience in the past, such as getting bitten or badly scratched by a cat.

  • 8 They have ailurophobia

    Some people might have ailurophobia, an irrational and intense fear of cats, that cannot be controlled.

  • 9 They have a fear of black cats

    Some people have a fear of black cats in particular because they are commonly considered to bring bad luck. See Why black cats are considered bad luck

  • 10 The fear was passed on from their parents

    Some parents pass on their fears to their children, which could be why some people are afraid of cats if they're influenced by their parents.

  • 11 They're jumpy

    Some people don't like pets that are jumpy, as they might get surprised when they suddenly jump onto their laps while they're sitting or sleeping. See Why are cats unpredictable

  • 12 They're not friendly

    Some cats are not friendly and don't like being touched or petted, which could motivate some people to dislike them intensely or even develop a fear of them due to their unfriendly nature.