Why are ripped jeans so popular

  • 1 People want to fit in

    Some people don't like to appear odd among people. In order to fit in and appear cool, some people follow the latest fashion trends such as wearing ripped jeans.

  • 2 They make the person look rebellious

    There is something about ripped jeans that makes the person wearing them look rebellious and wild, which is why some people like them. 

  • 3 They are unisex

    Ripped jeans have become extra popular because they can be worn by males and females alike.

  • 4 They are liked by men

    Some men think ripped jeans look sexy on women, which motivates some women to buy them.

  • 5 They grab people's attention

    Since ripped jeans are not the normal type of jeans, some people like to wear them to grab other people's attention.

  • 6 To show off some skin

    Some people like to show off some skin with the clothes they're wearing. Ripped jeans are a good option in this case.

  • 7 They make a person look shabby

    Ripped jeans help some people look shabby and not too much into their looks, as this is the message that it usually gives across.

  • 8 People like change

    Ripped jeans have found great popularity because most people like to change the way they look and the style of clothes they wear from time to time.

  • 9 It's a fashion statement

    Wearing ripped jeans nowadays means a person is up to date with the latest trends in fashion.

  • 10 They make the person look laid back

    Some people opt for ripped jeans as they make them look laid back and casual.

  • 11 They are worn by celebrities

    When celebrities start wearing something, they are usually deemed cool and people start imitating them.

  • 12 They are torn from use

    In some cases, people wear ripped jeans because they got accidentally torn, and since they're in fashion there's nothing stopping the people from wearing them.