Why are role-playing games (RPG) so popular?

    Why are role-playing games (RPG) so popular?

  • 1 Escapement

    RPGs offer the opportunity for players to pretend they're somebody else living in some other world. This is a perfect opportunity to escape from the boredom and problems of our everyday lives.

  • 2 Freedom

    In RPGs every action can be attempted and it is rather unusual to play the game in a world that breaks the rules of the norm - such as a fantasy world filled with magic, or in a distant science fiction future. Also, the fantastical RPG worlds appeal to people with free and imaginative minds.

  • 3 Socializing

    Role-playing games are mostly played with a group of friends. They can be played as a tabletop game or on a computer where you talk over Skype or a similar app.

  • 4 Novelty

    Role-playing games are unpredictable in terms of story and events. The players are almost constantly surprised (See why novelty attracts people).

  • 5 Excitement

    RPGs contain unexpected story twists, combats with various fantastical and dangerous creatures. The excitement is possible with every new scene and that is what keeps the player's mind interested in the game.

  • 6 Simulation

    Many times the situations in the game mirror those encountered in the real world. It is fun to see what could happen in such situations and maybe even get away without consequences.

  • 7 Music

    RPGs are often accompanied with orchestral and movie-like music which enhances the experience of playing. Fans of classical and epic music will satisfy their needs easily.

  • 8 Mystery

    The human mind is always intrigued by anything unexplained and mysterious, RPGs offer such opportunities almost all the time. A hidden shadow in the dark, a weird shape in the night sky, a mysterious person or a Machiavellian scheme - these are only a few examples of mysteries encountered in RPGs.

  • 9 Progress

    Game characters evolve and advance over time. This gives players a sense of great achievement, which can provide good feelings to those that haven't yet accomplished much in real life.

  • 10 Overcoming evil

    Most of the RPG stories revolve around the eternal combat between good and evil with players often siding with the good side. Undoing wrongs and vanquishing evil gives players a sense of making a big difference for the better, even if it's only in a fantasy world.

  • 11 Treasure

    Players are rewarded with forgotten treasures and loot every once in a while. This trains the players' brains to anxiously expect the next big reward, which could be just around the corner.

  • 12 Teamwork

    In RPGs, each player takes on a different role in helping the group with unique abilities and skills. This teaches players the strength of teamwork and allows for the opportunity to create stronger real life social bonds.

  • 13 Interesting stories

    Role playing games usually have very interesting stories that absorb people in the game world and take them away from the real world. People play RPG games for so many reasons but certainly one of them is enjoying a great story.

  • 14 Wide range of characters

    RPGs usually have a wide range of characters and this is why people can easily find relatable characters. The fact that those games are usually too long helps develop strong emotional connections with the characters.

  • 15 Being godlike and the transfer of power

    In pen and paper RPGs, in the beginning, the Game Master has godlike control over the world and players. Later when the players get stronger and more powerful, a transfer of power occurs. The players become godlike at the end of the game. This part of the game is usually called 'epic.'