Why are some Egyptians against the 25th of January Revolution

    Why are some Egyptians against the 25th of January Revolution

  • 1 They believe it ruined the economy

    Some Egyptians think that the 25th of January revolution has ruined the economy by negatively impacting tourism, lowering the foreign reserves and devaluing the currency.

  • 2 They believe it's a foreign plot

    Some Egyptians believe that the revolution was a foreign plot created by foreign countries that want Egypt to fall into an Era of chaos. See why the revolution happened.

  • 3 They were pro-Mubarak

    Some Egyptians were pro-Hosni Mubarak and as a result were against the revolution which forced him to resign. See why some Egyptians love Hosni Mubarak.

  • 4 They wanted stability

    Some Egyptians were happy with the relative stability Hosni Mubarak was providing and as a result they didn't like the disturbances 25th of January revolution caused.

  • 5 They think Egyptians aren't ready for democracy

    Some Egyptians believe that their fellow uneducated Egyptians are not ready for a democratic experiment as they weren't allowed to participate in real elections for decades.  

  • 6 They are connected to the regime

    People who were directly or indirectly connected to the regime weren't happy with the revolution as they believed that they will lose some of their privileges.

  • 7 They were against the Muslim brotherhood

    Many of the people who were against the revolution become angry when the Muslim brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi won the elections.

  • 8 Threat to their interests

    Some people believed that the revolution would affect their interests either directly or indirectly and as a result they turned against it. See why some Egyptians supported Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

  • 9 They believe no one is fit to rule Egypt

    Some Egyptians believe that Mubarak was the only one fit to rule Egypt during that phase and that no one else could do the same job.

  • 10 They believed it could lead to chaos

    Some Egyptians believed that the revolution could lead to chaos, and as a result they opposed it.