Why are some customers so rude

    Why are some customers so rude

  • 1 They are so angry

    Some customers only contact customer service when they are very angry. The anger can result in lots of frustration and this frustration in turn can turn into rudeness.

  • 2 The customer is projecting their anger

    Some customers project their already existing anger on other people, including the ones they buy from. If a person is already full of anger because of a certain life problem then they might project their anger on others when the slightest mistake happens.

  • 3 To feel in control

    Sometimes the desire to be in control motivates a person to become rude. A customer can get the feeling that they are in control by being rude to employees.

  • 4 They feel powerless

    Some people feel powerless in their own lives. Those people try to exert power on others in order to feel better about themselves. By being rude to employees, those people feel more powerful. See also why people feel inferior.

  • 5 They are already rude

    Some people are rude by nature. Those people just need a channel to express their rudeness and bad attitude. If a person is already rude then they will probably be rude to employees as well. See also how to be assertive without being rude.

  • 6 They are already charged

    Some customers get emotionally charged towards a certain company or a store before they interact with its employees. This extra charge of emotions makes the customer appear rude.

  • 7 Bad past experience

    If a customer had a bad past experience then they might be overly defensive or overly rude to employees. The customer in such a case wants to do their best to avoid this bad past experience.

  • 8 Because employees are easy targets

    Because most employees won't respond back to a rude customer, some customers get encouraged to be rude knowing that they can get away with it.

  • 9 They are getting poor service

    Some customers become angry and rude when they believe they are getting poor service. This is especially true when the customer thinks they paid a lot.

  • 10 Previous bias

    Some people build certain beliefs about certain companies or stores before they even deal with them. This kind of bias can lead to expecting the worse and assuming that the employee has bad intentions. This perception problem usually leads to anger.

  • 11 They were mistreated

    Some customers become angry because they were mistreated in one way or another. In such a case, the customer can be rude to one employee even if they were mistreated by someone else.