Why are some men sexist

  • 1 They believe in gender roles

    Some men believe women are supposed to be housewives and not work, while men should have a job and provide for the family.

  • 2 They sexualize women

    Some men always sexualize women in the sense that they only see them as beings they can have sex with. 

  • 3 They're intimidated by women

    Some men are intimidated by women who are independent, powerful and strong, so they exhibit a sexist attitude towards them to bring them down.

  • 4 Their culture promotes it

    A person whose culture promotes sexism and gender discrimination will most probably adopt the same views.

  • 5 Their religion promotes it

    Some people adopt sexist views that support women's reliance on men and reject their independence due to the faith they belong to that calls for women's blind obedience.

  • 6 Due to a previous bad experience

    A person might become sexist towards women if they went through a bad experience in the past such as being abused or mistreated by a woman. 

  • 7 They don't think men and women are equal

    Some men don't believe that men and woman should have equal rights and opportunities due to seeing women as lesser beings. 

  • 8 They think they are superiour

    Some men think they are superior to women because they are physically stronger than them and women often need their help.

  • 9 They think women are weak

    Some men believe women are weak beings that are not capable of protecting themselves and need men to protect them from harm.

  • 10 They grew up in a sexist family

    The way a person was brought up affects how they perceive everything around them. Therefore, if a person grew up in a sexist family that devalued women, the person will most probably adopt the same viewpoint when they're older.

  • 11 They're misogynists

    Misogynists are people who don't like women and don't desire their presence in their lives. Misogynists believe the male gender is far more superior that women.