Why are some parents overprotective

  • 1 They like to have control

    Overprotective parents usually don't like to relinquish control of their children no matter how old they are. 

  • 2 Due to a bad past experience

    Some parents, after going through a bad experience in their life, start to project their bad experience on their children, which usually results in forbidding them from doing many things and being overprotective. 

  • 3 They were brought up this way

    Parents usually bring up their children according to the way they themselves were brought up. In this case, if the father or mother had overprotective parents, they are likely to be the same with their own children. 

  • 4 They fear failure

    Some parents hate to see that they are failing at raising their children, which leads them to being overprotective, thinking this way they are considered good parents. 

  • 5 They think they own their children

    Some parents have a sense of entitlement over their children, thinking they have the right to dictate their lives whichever way they want. 

  • 6 Due to their culture

    Some cultures praise overprotective parents and think of it as a good parenting style. 

  • 7 Hearing about bad events

    When parents hear about bad things happening to young children, they become paranoid and try to keep their children safe by being overprotective. 

  • 8 They don't want their child to get hurt

    Overprotective parents usually have their child's best interest, as they think they are protecting them from harm. 

  • 9 They don't know it's wrong

    In some cases, the parents are unaware that they are being overprotective of their children.

  • 10 Living out their dreams through children

    Some parents unconsciously live out their unachieved dreams and desires through their children, which often results in controlling their lives. 

  • 11 They don't think their child is mature enough

    In some cases, being overprotective means the parents don't think their child is mature enough to take responsibility of their own actions and life. 

  • 12 They don't like risks

    If the parents are naturally against taking risks, they will be overprotective of their children since they think giving them too much freedom could be a risk 

  • 13 They live in an unsafe environment

    Some parents become overprotective as a result of living in an unsafe environment where their child can experience bad situations.