Why are some people always late

    Why are some people always late

  • 1 They can't pull away from an activity

    Some people get late because they find it hard to pull away from an activity once they started it. As a result of low self control those people fail to cut it off when they should and instead they keep doing whatever they are doing even when they are late .

  • 2 They are not motivated to show up

    One of the reasons that make people late is their unconscious desire of not wanting to show up. A person who hates his job might arrive late everyday without knowing that the reason this is happening is that he doesn't want to go to work .

  • 3 They feel more confident when they arrive late

    Some people get a self esteem boost when they arrive late. On the unconscious level those people might feel more important when they believe that others are already waiting for their arrival .

  • 4 They have Type B personalities

    Type B personalities are more likely to arrive on time than Type A personalities. Type B personalities are usually laid back and relaxed thus they don't get pressed when there is a deadline .

  • 5 They are unable to keep track of time

    Some people are unable to keep track of time. It was found that those who arrive on time usually check the clock every now and then in order to change their behavior accordingly. People who are unable to keep proper track of time usually arrive late .

  • 6 A symptom of a bigger condition

    Arriving late can be a symptom of a bigger disorder such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or depression .

  • 7 They were raised by Authoritarian parents

    Studies found that people who were raised by Authoritarian parents usually have self control problems. Authoritarian parents usually control their children through fear and as a result the children develop a tendency to procrastinate usually because of self esteem issues .

  • 8 They don't want to feel awkward or embarrassed

    Some people are afraid to arrive early or to be the first ones on the table not to feel awkward or get embarrassed. People who don't feel comfortable sitting alone in a public place might consciously try to arrive late to avoid such unpleasant feelings .

  • 9 They have a different perception of time

    A study have shown that Type B personalities thought that a minute passed when 77 seconds passed. Type A's on the other hand believed that a minute has passed when 58 seconds passed. People who perceive time differently ,such as Type B's, are more likely to be late .

  • 10 They can hardly get motivated without an adrenaline rush

    Some people can hardly get motivated without racing with time. Those people don't usually get motivated enough to move before they find that they have a very limited amount of time before they should show up .

  • 11 Inability to make fast decisions

    Inability to make fast decisions can make people late. This is more common with women who fail to pickup the right clothes on time and thus end up being late .

  • 12 They have less concern for people

    Some people might always show up late because they don't have much concern for the ones who are waiting. This could be a sign of selfishness or even narcissism.

  • 13 They have poor time management skills

    Some people have poor time management skills. Those people might try to arrive on time but because of their poor time management skills they might end up arriving late.

  • 14 For cultural reasons

    In some countries and cultures it's a normal thing that people arrive late. In some countries telling someone you will see them at 7 means that you will arrive at 7:30.

  • 15 They take a long time to dress up

    Some people take longer time than others to dress up. Those people might spend a big amount of time selecting their clothes and thus end up being late.