Why are some people players

    Why are some people players

  • 1 They feel insecure

    A person could become a player because he feels insecure. In such a case, that person attempts to attract others to compensate for his own insecurities.

  • 2 They feel unloved

    People who feel unloved try to attract as many others to them as possible in order to compensate for that feeling.

  • 3 They are unsure of their capabilities

    A person who is unsure of his capabilities always keeps testing them. A player who isn't sure about his ability to attract others might keep trying to attract different people to him.

  • 4 They have self-doubts

    Many players have self-doubts. These players usually try to ease their self-doubts by proving to themselves that many others can love them. See also why people cheat.

  • 5 They are afraid of commitment

    Some people became players because they are to afraid to commit. They prefer to enter into many relationships without getting into any serious one.

  • 6 They need approval

    The need for approval motivates some people to become players. In such a case, those players only get into a relationship to feel validated and approved.

  • 7 Weak ethics

    Many people become players because they don't have strong ethics to hold them back and prevent them from fooling others.

  • 8 They feel empty

    Some people become players because they feel empty. Those people try to fill the voids in their mood and emotions by attracting others to them.

  • 9 They feel worthless

    Many players don't think that they are worthy people. They do their best to attract the largest number of people to them to feel worthy. See why do married people flirt.

  • 10 They suffered from past rejections

    When a person gets rejected in a way that it leaves a wound behind, he might become a player to prove to himself or the world that he is good. See how to know if someone likes you.

  • 11 Their goal is sex

    Some people are players because their ultimate goal is having sex with many partners. This behavior is more common among males than females.

  • 12 They enjoy the hunt

    Some players enjoy the process of hunting for a new victim. The thrill of attracting a new partner, feeling desirable and succeeding in doing it can be one of the motives some players have.

  • 13 They are narcissists

    Narcissists can't live without the narcissistic supply or the attention they get from fans and admirers who glorify them. Many narcissists turn into players in order to keep getting the narcissistic supply.