Why are some people very emotional and Sensitive

    Why are some people very emotional and Sensitive

  • 1 They are Ectomorphs

    People who have the Ectomorph body type (slim body & long limbs) have a very sensitive nervous system. If other psychological factors promoted emotional sensitivity then those people are very likely to be much more sensitive than others .

  • 2 They have a great deal of empathy

    Empathy is an emotion that allows people to experience the feelings of others. Those who have a great deal of empathy are usually more emotionaly sensitive than others .

  • 3 They have been through bad past experiences

    If a person has been through bad past experiences, he might become extremely sensitive to all situations that might lead the repetition of the same bad experiences .

  • 4 Self esteem issues

    If a person is unsure of himself, critical comments are going to have a much greater impact on him than they would on other people. Women for example who are unsure of their looks can get very emotional if someone made a remark about their looks .

  • 5 They have low tolerance for conflict

    Some people have a very low tolerance for conflict and as a result they can hardly be able to go through a debate or a serious conversation. The tension those people experience makes them feel uneasy and motivates them to avoid conflicts (See also why some people are impatient).

  • 6 Are too afraid of being hurt

    People who can hardly recover when getting hurt usually become very sensitive in order to protect themselves from getting hurt in the future. Sensitivity in such a case is a way the mind uses to let the person avoid what might bring him intolerable pain .

  • 7 Had too positive of expections

    When a person develops very positive expectations of another then he might get hurt badly if his expectations proved untrue. Those who expect everyone to treat them nicely usually get hurt the most .

  • 8 Their mirror neurons are more active

    People who are highly sensitive might have a more active mirror neuron system. Mirror neurons are brain cells that allow people to experience the emotions of others and have empathy for them .

  • 9 Genetics

    Some studies attribute emotional sensitivity to Genetics. A person who has certain genes might become more sensitive than others if the external environment activated those genes. A person can still have those genes but not become overly sensitive .

  • 10 Sharp sensing abilities

    People who are more sensitive to changes in their external environment such as noise, lighting or smell might be very emotional sensitive .

  • 11 The have low tolerance for uncertainity

    One study found that people who got anxious when they faced uncertainty were more likely to be emotional sensitive. People who consider new environments threatening were more likely to become sensitive (See why do people hate uncertainty).

  • 12 Their brains are different

    A study found that sensitive people have higher blood flow to areas of the brain involved with emotion, awareness and empathy. This study provides clues that over sensitivity can be connected to genes.

  • 13 A trait developed to protect the person

    In another theory over sensitivity can be a trait a person develops because he is too afraid to get hurt as a result of getting hurt in the past. If the person has been through a traumatic experience then he might become sensitive to prevent himself from going into similar experiences.