Why are vines popular

    Why are vines popular

  • 1 The attention span of humans vastly decreased

    Recent studies have shown that the average attention span of a human is now less than 8 seconds. People don't pay any attention to time consuming videos, unless they believe they are very useful. But theres no regret over 6 seconds waisted on a useless video.

  • 2 Because they are too short

    Studies have shown that the shorter the video the more likely it is to be watched. Before watching a video, people check it's length and if they believe they have enough time, they watch it. Because vines are too short more people watch them (See why we want everything fast).

  • 3 They get more shares

    Because Vines are so short, many people watch them and as a result they get more shares. Because a certain percentage of people usually share videos, the larger the audience the greater the number of shares (See why do people share certain things online).

  • 4 Easier to produce

    Because vines are usually 6 seconds long, they are much easier to produce. Long videos take a lot of time but vines can be created really fast and this is one of the reasons they became popular.

  • 5 They take a short time to upload

    Because vines are short they take a short time to upload. Normal videos, which are usually longer, take some time to upload. Because vines are easy to create and upload they became popular.

  • 6 Constraints make people creative

    When people are constrained in way or another they become creative. Because vine users are constrained by the popular length of vines, they do come up with very creative and interesting videos (See how to become creative).

  • 7 They are usually funny

    One of the factors that makes a post viral is humour and emotional arousal. Because many vines are funny and emotionally arousing they can go viral.

  • 8 Sharing moments fast

    So many people use vines to share current moments. Because it's a very fast way to share some moments with people, vines got popular.

  • 9 Because they are longer than Gifs

    People love Gifs and share them often but they are usually shorter than vines. This gave vines an edge over Gifs.

  • 10 Because Gifs don't work on some places

    Gifs don't appear on Facebook and some other places. This created a need for short videos that are as long as Gifs or a bit longer.