Why are wedding rings worn on the fourth finger of the left hand

  • 1 It's a Roman tradition

    Romans wore wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed there was a vain in the finger connected directly to the heart called 'Vena Amoris' or 'The Vein of Love'. However, scientists said that this is not biologically true.

  • 2 Christians wore it to seal the marriage

    One theory suggests that Christian priests used the ring to touch the thumb, index finger and middle finger while reciting 'In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit', then they would seal the marriage by placing the ring on the fourth finger while saying 'Amen'.

  • 3 The left hand is less used

    A theory suggests that wedding rings are worn on the left hand because the majority of people are right-handed and don't use the left hand as much as the right hand, which protects the ring from damage.

  • 4 The fourth finger is not used much

    Weddings rings could also be worn on the fourth finger because it's perhaps the second least used finger after the pinkie. This could have motivated people to wear it on the fourth finger since the pinkie is too small. 

  • 5 The fourth finger symbolized a person's life-partner

    The Chinese came up with a theory that each finger represents the past, present and future generations in a person's family. They believe the fourth finger represents a person's life-partner.

  • 6 The Church of England wanted to Differentiate itself

    One theory suggests that following the break of the Anglican Church from the Catholic, or what is called the Reformation, the Anglican Church wanted to differentiate itself from the Catholic church that put the ring on the right hand, so they put the ring on the left hand instead.

  • 7 The ring fingers can't be separated

    A popular Chinese explanation says that if you press the fingers of your right hand against the fingers of your left hand then bend the middle fingers and try to separate the rest of the fingers they will be separated, but the ring fingers cannot be separated. This symbolizes an everlasting union.

  • 8 It's become a tradition in many parts of the world

    Many countries all over the world follow the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand regardless of the origin of the practice.