Why are women self-conscious about their bodies

    Why are women self-conscious about their bodies

  • 1 People judge by appearances

    Many people, especially women, are self-conscious about their bodies because people judge by appearances and form a first impression that is based on the way the person looks.

  • 2 They're not comfortable with their body

    Many women are not comfortable with the way their body looks and wish to change it. This increases their self-consciousness and makes them extra aware of the imperfections in it.

  • 3 Due to unrealistic beauty standards

    Unrealistic beauty standards set by the fashion industry and media affect women and young girls and make them dislike their bodies because they don't have what other people have.

  • 4 They were bullied

    Many women were bullied as young kids about the way their body looked or their weight. This painful experience usually stays with women in their adult life and makes them self-conscious.

  • 5 They're struggling with their body weight

    Women who are struggling with their weight are usually self-conscious and try to hide the way their body looks by wearing baggy and loose clothes.

  • 6 They don't like attention

    Some women are self-conscious about their bodies because they don't like being the center of attention, especially if there is something different about their body or they're insecure about it.

  • 7 Men sexualize their bodies

    Some women find it uncomfortable when men look at them seductively as if they're scrutinizing their body. This kind of male behavior makes some women self-conscious.

  • 8 They're comparing themselves to others

    Many women follow the habit of comparing themselves to other women who have things they don't have. This makes uncomfortable in their own skin and self-conscious about all the things they don't like about their bodies.

  • 9 They have body dysmorphic disorder

    People who have body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) overly concentrate on the things they perceive as flaws in their bodies. This disorder makes some women unable to accept their bodies the way it is.

  • 10 Parents are a factor

    Some women attribute their self-consciousness about their bodies to their parents who made negative comments on their bodies when they were growing up. 

  • 11 Their society prefers a certain image

    Some women feel self-conscious about their bodies when they don't match their society's preferred image of women. 

  • 12 They have low self-esteem

    Women with low self-esteem struggle with self-consciousness because they don't have a lot of confidence and can easily be affected by anyone's comment on their body.