Why Optimistnet failed

    Why Optimistnet failed

  • 1 Most people want distractions

    When asked, people say that they want positivity, but when real life problems hit, most people want distractions such as games, procrastination tools or even drugs. See why do people procrastinate.

  • 2 Most people don't like to face their problems

    To face one's problems, a person needs a lot of courage. Most people hate to face their problems and prefer to keep themselves busy. Positivity reminds people of the problems they have to face and that's why it's not appealing to so many people. See Why do people lie to themselves.

  • 3 Special personality traits needed

    For a person to be positive he needs to be confident in his ability to solve his problems. He needs to be ambitious, and to be brave enough to face his problems, and above all he needs to admit he has problems. Most people lack those personality traits.

  • 4 Not for everyone

    In order for a social network to have a good chance of success it must target a large number of people. There are some great examples of niche social networks, but they can never get as big as Facebook or twitter. See why did Facebook Succeed.

  • 5 Too serious

    Most people use social networks to change their moods and feel better. One of the things that make people feel uncomfortable is being reminded of serious things. Thus games and distraction tools were a direct competitor to Optimistnet. See why Mobile games are too popular.

  • 6 Funds ran out

    The founders ran out of funds after an aggressive marketing campaign that lasted for one year then they found no positive signs to motivate them to raise more money. See the top reasons that cause business failure.

  • 7 Market research doesn't always say the truth

    When people were asked about the idea they said they loved it. When the idea became real so many people gave their backs to it. See why marketing research can give incorrect results.

  • 8 Instagram allows people to escape from negativity

    Facebook is full of negativity. so many people use Instagram to escape from Facebook's negativity. The presence of negativity in Facebook doesn't mean that a social network about positivity will succeed. See why is Instagram popular.

  • 9 There was no compelling need to use it

    Apps that become popular are either the extremely useful ones like WhatsApp or the ones that help people distract themselves. Products that don't give users a compelling reason to use them usually fail. See why Google plus never took off.

  • 10 App users are so fickle

    App users are so Fickle. If there is no compelling reason to keep an App they quickly uninstall it. See 20 reasons people uninstall Apps.