Why body language is important

  • 1 You can read emotional states

    With body language, you can read people's emotional states and understand exactly how they are feeling at a specific point of time. This can lead to a much better understanding of people.

  • 2 You can read personalities

    While body language mainly helps people read emotional states, it can still help in reading personalities. As the same pattern of gestures keeps repeating itself over and over, you can start making assumptions about the personalities of people.

  • 3 Allows you to communicate better

    Once you understand the emotional states of people, you can easily say the things they want to hear. When you understand what's in the minds of people, you can certainly communicate better with them.

  • 4 You can sell more

    Using body language, you can know whether people find your arguments appealing or not. This can be very helpful in sales, as you can change what you are saying to tell the potential customer what they want to hear.

  • 5 You can win negotiations easily

    Once you can read people's emotional states, you can easily win negotiations and make successful deals. You will be able to find out what appeals to people and what doesn't through their gestures.

  • 6 You can give the impression you want

    Using body language, you can get give people the kind of impression you want. For example, you can easily appear confident, even if you are not, by using the body language gestures of confidence.

  • 7 You can have better relationships

    One of the major problems that lead to the failure of relationships is lack of understanding of people. With body language, you will easily be able to understand your partner's emotions, and as a result, you will have a better relationship.

  • 8 Knowing people's true intentions

    Using body language, you can tell if a person truly means something or if they are just saying things while having different intentions. See how to tell if someone dislikes you by their body language.

  • 9 You will do better in interviews

    Body language is one of the things that can help you do well in an interview. When you know how the interviewer feels, you will be able to choose the right words and so increase your chance of getting a job.

  • 10 You will gain more self-understanding

    Body language won't just allow you to understand others, but it will also allow you to get a better understanding of yourself and of your emotions. As you notice how your emotional states change, you will get to learn more about yourself.

  • 11 You will gain more understanding of people

    Body language will allow you to know what makes people change their emotions. This will lead to a strong level of understanding people.